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Beginner Level 1

New to surfing or limited experience.

What to expect

  1. Correct standing technique
  2. Catching own white-water waves
  3. Turning across the wave
  4. Correct paddling technique
  5. Correct sitting technique on board
  6. Turning board while sitting and catching waves
  7. Introduction to green water waves and paddling slightly further out the back (pending conditions)
  8. Catching smaller unbroken waves and learning to take the drop (pending conditions)

Beginner Level 2

Introduction to catching green water waves. (2 – 3 blocks of 6 week challenges before progressing to Intermediate Level recommended)

Expected ability before joining beginner 2: Completed Beginner Level 1, OR Previous surfing experience (minimum 3 consecutive months)

What to expect

  1. Where to sit when paddling out the back and why
  2. Learning the correct way to paddle back out after catching a long wave
  3. Learning and understanding surf safety and surf etiquette
  4. How to manage surfing in a crowded line-up
  5. Learning different entry and exit points
  6. Positioning in a line-up
  7. Learning to stay calm and composed in a crowded line-up and bigger waves
  8. Learning to paddle through waves

Intermediate Level 1

Becoming comfortable and confident surfing out the back and learning how to manoeuvre the surfboard and trim down the line of the wave.(Minimum 2 -3 x 6 week blocks before advancing to Intermediate Level 2 recommended)

Expected ability before joining intermediate 1: To be able to paddle with correct technique. Ability to react (turn and go) quickly while maintaining board control. Previous experience paddling out the back and confident catching small unbroken waves unassisted Min 6 months previous surfing experience

What to expect

  1. Building confidence catching unbroken waves
  2. Learning to read the line-up and understand correct positioning
  3. Learning to manoeuvre the surfboard
  4. Understanding entry and exit points into the waves
  5. Improving your positioning in the line-up to catch more waves
  6. Learning the basics of slowing down & accelerating
  7. Learning to angle your take off to go either left or right
  8. Understanding how to trim on a wave
  9. Learning the different speeds of paddling for waves

Intermediate Level 2

Learning how to generate speed on a wave and practising/learning technique of basic surfing manoeuvres

Expected ability before joining intermediate 2: Confidence in catching unbroken waves/taking the drop and understanding the importance of surfing etiquette. Proficient in paddling onto green water waves without being pushed into the wave.

What to expect

  1. Learning how to generate speed on a wave
  2. Learning to change direction on a wave and do basic manoeuvres
  3. Improving wave reading ability
  4. Choosing the right equipment for specific conditions
  5. Learning how to duck dive
  6. Learning to change paddling direction quickly to better position yourself for a particular wave
  7. Introduction to surf skate training with smoothstar boards



Currumbin Alley Carpark. Meet opposite the volunteer marine rescue building. Look for the big surf school truck with the Currumbin Alley Surf School Logo. See map here


See below for available session days/times


Lessons will be adapted according to the level of the group. Your instructor will provide feedback and support while also giving you the information and tips you need in order to progress. Over the course of the program we will cover a range of topics that will help you develop confidence in the water as well as a greater understanding of surf safety and surfer etiquette.

What to bring

You will just need swimming bottoms, sunscreen and a towel. We supply the wetshirts, wetsuits (if needed) and safe, soft surfboards.


Anyone keen to get into surfing or improve previously learnt surfing skills.

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