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Where is the meeting spot?

The meeting spot for all lessons is Currumbin Alley Carpark. We have the big surf school truck with the ‘Currumbin Alley Surf School ‘ logo. For google map directions, click here or type in ‘Currumbin Alley Surf School into google search’.

What do I need to bring?

We supply safe, soft surfboards, rash shirts and wetsuits (if required). You will just need to bring swimming bottoms, towel and sunscreen.

How can I book my lesson?

If you are booking for a group or private lesson, you can book directly via our website using our online booking system. Please note that you will need to book at least 12 hrs before the session starts. You can also register and book online for our 5 day and 8 week programs.

Do lessons still run if it’s raining?

Yes. We will only cancel sessions if there is lightning or if the surfing conditions are unsafe, Rain does not affect us as we are getting wet anyway!

How many lessons will it take before I can surf by myself?

Everybody progresses at a different rate however we normally recommend 4-5 sessions before you start to get a grasp of things. We aim to have you standing in the first lesson however, like most things, it takes patience and perseverence to become a confident and competent surfer. With surfing, there is always something new to learn and we offer classes from beginner right through to advanced level so whatever level you are at we can help you surf better!

How do I get to Currumbin Alley via public transport?

You can catch a bus to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary via surfside bus line (bus number will depend on where you are leaving from). From there you can walk 10 minutes north to Currumbin Alley.

What is the cancellation policy?

Due to the fact that we pre-organise our instructors for each session based on bookings, we require 24 hrs notice of cancellation otherwise the full fee will apply. If you have prepaid online we offer make up sessions as long as we have the required notice

When will I be ready to buy my own surfboard?

We recommend at least being able to catch your own waves before going out and buying a board. This is something that should not be rushed into as hard as that is. It is very common for people to go out and buy a board that isn’t right for them and become frustrated and eventually give up. We are happy to give advise on the right board for you and help point you in the right direction

How many people in a group?

This varies from session to session and from day to day however the more students in the group, the more instructors we have in the water. The maximum student:instructor ratio we are allowed is 8:1 however we normally like to keep it to 6:1 to ensure everyone in the group is being looked after and provided sufficient help and support

Can I continue using the board after the lesson is finished?

Yes board hire is available after the session for an additional fee

Are there changing facilities at the beach?

Yes there is a toilet block across the road from us where you can get changed into your surfing gear. There are also free showers at Currumbin Alley

Is there somewhere safe I can leave my belongings when I am doing a lesson?

Yes we have a small locker where you can leave your valuables while you are doing your lesson

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