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Want the kids to try something fun and healthy these school holidays? Why not enrol them in our 5 day Frothing Grommet School Holiday Program? These groups run Monday to Friday every week of each school holidays and are open for kids aged 5 – 16.
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During the week, kids will learn:

  • Surf safety and awareness
  • Stand-up procedures
  • Surf specific stretches
  • How to control and manoeuvre the surfboard
  • Surfboard design and technology

For those with previous surfing experience, we will introduce you to more advanced skills such as:

  • Riding along the wave
  • Turning
  • Duck diving

Kids enrolled in the program will receive a goody bag containing a Frothing Grommet cap, GC Surf magazine, keyring, Nutra Organics health food bar, certificate and a bunch of surf stickers.


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      Summer Holidays 2016/2017

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      Easter School Holidays 2017

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      Winter School Holidays 2016

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      September School Holidays 2016

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