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8 Week Program

The Frothing Grommet 8 Week Surfing Program is designed for all kids aged between 5 - 16 years old and is comprised of 5 levels of competency. Each level consists of a minimum of 1 session per week over an 8 week period. There are 4 x 8 week blocks throughout the year falling in line with each school term. Kids in the program work from a surfing logbook which has a series of take home questions regarding each weeks lesson as well as certain challenges each child must accomplish before moving to the next level.
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BenefIts of the Frothing Grommet SurfIng Program:

  • Educational, fun and challenging
  • Provides a platform for kids to develop surfing skills
  • Strong surf safety and surf awareness component
  • Structured learning environment
  • Allows kids to participate in a healthy and enjoyable activity in a safeenvironment
  • Affordable

All of our instructors and trained to the highest standards.

Our surfing practise and surfing knowledge are in line with the Association of Surfing Instructors (ASI), ensuring your surfing experience is not only enjoyable but most importantly, safe. All of your surfIng instructors have the following qualifIcations:

  • Level 1 ASI Surf Coaching Certificate
  • First Aid
  • Advanced CPR Surf Rescue or Bronze Medallion
  • Working with Children Blue Card
  • Gold Coast City Council Coaching permit



* To book online for levels 3, 4 or 5, each child must have completed the previous level

** If your child has previous surfing experience and has not previously joined the Frothing Grommet program, please contact us before making your booking.

TERM 2 2017 TIMES (1st session starts Monday 24th April 2017)

    • original $200.00

      Level 1

      For those with no/limited surfing experience. In this level participants will learn how to identify a safe surfing location, how to spot rips/currents, surf safety techniques as well as how to catch and ride small whitewater waves using correct technique, how to paddle correctly and how to dismount the board safely.

    • original $200.00

      Level 2

      In this level participants will learn how to ride small, unbroken waves while turning both directions across the wave face, catch waves unaided, how to perform an 'eskimo roll' as well as how to recognize if someone is in danger in the water

    • original $200.00

      Level 3

      In this level participants will learn how to paddle out the back through oncoming waves, how to position themselves in the line-up, how to ‘take the drop’ on unbroken waves out the back and how to perform a board rescue

    • original $200.00

      Level 4

      In this level participants will learn how to paddle out the back, take the drop unaided and perform basic surfing manouevres in a variety of different waves and conditions. They will also learn how to aid an injured surfer and basic CPR techniques.

    • original $200.00

      Level 5

      In this level participants will learn how to catch waves unaided, link surfing manouevres and surfing competition rules and strategy. This level focuses on improving surfing technique in order to surf your best as well as surfing specific fitness and training

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